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Glen Neff - Artist Designer Builder and Creator of Ambient Abstract Expressionist Sonic Explorations with Dissonance and Improvised Jazz Elements - Melodic Atmospheric World Music Elements. Improvisation with Painting & Music = Let the Inner Spirit Come Through!

Glen Neff-The Sound Poets Music ASCAP

Below are some links to my Spotify songs, I have a bunch of playlists there ...The three dots above on Ambient World, click on and follow me on Spotify! Thanks

Hello all! I'm adding more songs to Spotify & the other online sites....cruz over and check them out....! This year I've been painting quite a few new works....check them out at this site as well....if your in New Mexico, text me 5052168664 and I'll open up Picture Rock Studio by appointment to check out my paintings.....peace and love to us all.... Glen

I'm Collaborating with the Monroe Institute

Two Album Releases-Three songs each

Forgotten Trance-Energetic Mix 

Collaboration Album 2 with the Monroe Institute

Space Shifter - Chill Mix

Like a Child

Featuring Dave Scheans on Sax



release on Spotify & everywhere June 2024

Quiet Mirror

Featuring Dave Scheans on Sax

Release on Spotify and everywhere June 2024

Laid Back Bolero

Mellow Mood Music

Release on Spotify & Everywhere June 2024